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A complete service from Design to Manufacture to Installation


3Koll Precast

3Koll Concrete Solutions introduces precast concrete elements for Buildings and Structures.

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Products & Services

Customized sizes and shapes can be made. Broad range of concrete elements that include: Beams and Columns.

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Why 3Koll Precast

Designing and Building with Precast Prefabricates is a Versatile and advanced, developed technology.

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Ready to Install

Ready to use fully outfitted buildings that are transportable and that which can easily be erected

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Innovations at 3Koll

3Koll Concrete Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by professionals with vast experience in the fields of Construction. A pioneer in incorporating and innovating precast technologies to suit to the local conditions. Improved Insulated Reinforced Precast (IIRP) slabs is soon to be patented by 3koll.

Our Clients

Some of the clients benefited by the products and services provided by 3Koll precast


Pre-engineered, Pre-assembled, and Transportable Units
Ready to use Pre-engineered, Precast and Pre-assembled Buildings with integrated Services such as Electrical, Plumbing and Sanitary works. Installed and usable within hours. Variety of Colors, Shapes, Sizes & Finishes. Highly durable and Maintenance free.

3Koll Precast Advantages

More accuracy and better craft work for finished product due to factory controlled conditions and dedicated team of work force. The total project completion duration can be reduced even to 1/5th of actual in-situ construction period. Standardization coupled with mass production brings economy through saving of construction materials and financial loss due to extended project completion period. Incorporating and modifying existing time tested international technologies through Innovative and sustainable designs to suit local conditions by working closely with industry experts. 3Koll Precast concrete has inherent fire and thermal properties, proven advantages of sustainability, durability and easy maintenance.